The firm provides following specific services including general consulting expertise regarding:

  • Measurement and Verification and ROI
  • Data Collection and Metering
  • EMS, Analytics, SaaS
  • Built Environment Analytics for Sustainability
  • Energy Star Benchmarking and Data-Driven Support of Sustainability
  • Corporate Consulting

We work in commercial, industrial, and multifamily portfolios.

General Installation, Commissioning, Remote Monitoring

  • Meters, sensors, and data acquisition systems
  • BMS interfaces/gateways
  • Wired/Wireless/Hybrid
  • Custom instrumentation packages
  • Remote data analysis, monitoring, processing, decision making

Sectors of Direct Site Experience

  • Commercial buildings electrical distribution metering design and HVAC, metering for performance assessment. Small/medium and large commercial.
  • High performance, net-zero design strategies for commercial buildings
  • Small and large refrigeration system optimization
  • Chillers, boilers, RTUs, DHW and secondary pumping systems
  • Cogeneration systems
  • EMS, BMS, and energy data management
  • Variable Frequency Drive applications in commercial and industrial
  • Large and small multifamily/mixed use electrical designs
  • Demand response, electrical storage, and site generation
  • Industrial pumps and motors
  • Digital lighting control systems, sweeps, wireless controls

Project Types

  • Short notice, short-term “Site hands” – Service, troubleshooting, site coordination, instrumentation installation and removal of existing installed equipment.
  • Medium-term integration, commissioning, troubleshooting
  • Longer-term, partnership design and planning, engineering, and execution.
  • General coordination and task completion with electrical, mechanical, operations, corporate, and vendor project participants

Custom Project Design and Execution

  • Technical/Economic best-path solution development expertise
  • Integrating bill data, BMS, and interval meter data cost-effectively to answer business questions
  • Corporate energy management and conservation implementation
  • Design team LEED and exceeding LEED support and consultation
  • Measurement and Verification – IPMVP
  • Energy savings assessment and reporting – ‘fire and forget’
  • Custom research or pilot projects
  • Leadership of projects exceeding $2m in scope

Platforms and Technologies

  • Low voltage instrumentation and high voltage electrical (480V or higher requires electrician or site personnel)
  • Obvius, Veris, Leviton, Onset, Monnit, Siemens, Reliable, JC, Jace, Raspberry Pi, Climacheck, NI, Six Sigma, Dataq, Omega, Emerson
  • Electrical meters of all vendors, water, BTU, gas
  • Integration of pulse/KYZ, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet/TCP-IP, wireless flavors, cellular, USB
  • Modbus, BacNet, LonTalk device set-up, troubleshooting, and data retrieval
  • Custom panel fabrication
  • Web-based visualization platforms, Universal Translator, Remote BAS utilities


  • Licensed electrician
  • UL control panel fabrication shop
  • Industrial controls programmer
  • BMS programmer